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This crate will be shipped from Japan on March 15th, 2018 and commonly takes 2-3 weeks to arrive after shipping.

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What is Gacha Crate?

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Gacha Crate is a monthly subscription crate. Every month we will send you a box with 5-6 Japanese Gashapon Capsule toys themed to either Kawaii (Japanese for 'Cute') or Kakkoii (Japanese for Cool) + 1 additional mystery item, just to mix it up a bit! The content of each box is hand-picked and only the very best items that month make the cut. What will be in this month's crate? Only one way to find out!

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Gacha Crate is available in two different varieties. Kakkoii and Kawaii (Japanese for Cool and Cute).
Select the Kakkoii crate if you love Anime/Games and would like the content to be mostly focused on these things, or choose Kawaii crate if you are in love with unique Japanese cuteness!
Can't decide? There's always the option of getting both!

How It Works

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Choose your Crate

Choose between the Kawaii crate, full of Japanese cuteness or the Kakkoii Crate, mainly focused on Games & Anime.


Sign up for a 1, 3 or 6 month subscription depending on your preference. It's easy and you can cancel any time you want!

We Create your Gacha Crate

We pick the best Gachapon available that month and pack them carefully into your Gacha Crate, along with a monthly mystery item.

Enjoy your monthly Gacha Crate!

Your Gacha Crate will arrive once a month, full of fun toys straight from Japan. All you have to do is open them up and enjoy!

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Send us photos of your Gachapon toys that you've gotten from previous Gacha Crates and if you're really lucky you might win something awesome! Not a member? Sign up now and get gachapon toys delivered straight to your door every month!

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What's been in the box before?

A few of our favourites

Have a look at some of our favourite items from past Gacha Crates! Interested in seeing the whole thing? head on over to our past crates page to discover even more!

What is a Gachapon?

(Let us share the secret!)

A Gachapon is a vending machine dispensed capsule containing various kinds of toys. Gachapon are very popular in Japan and are commonly referred to as Capsule toys or ‘blind box sets’ in English.
Although you can choose a collection of toys, which item you will get from that collection is random. As can be expected, the quality of Japanese Gachapon are usually much higher than what you would find in other countries around the world!
Part of the fun of purchasing a Gachapon comes from the thrill of not knowing what you will get & here at Gacha Crate we work hard to keep that excitement intact!

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Absolutely, positively 100% worth it! This is an experience I haven’t gotten out of any other box. This is just crazy!

- Johnny Tellez

I couldn’t believe the kind of stuff I was pulling out of this crate! This is probably going to be the best twenty-or-so buckaroonies you’re going to spend this month!

- Pancheezey

Great and full of crazy-unique items!

- The Nerf Herder

Gacha Crate was a lot of fun to open! My boys had a blast!

- Girl Meets Box